"Girly Edition," first aired on April 19, 1998, introducing Mojo the Monkey (left, joke courtesy George Meyer) and the Cat Lady.

"Treehouse of Horror IX" (“Terror of Tiny Toon”), first aired on October 25, 1998

"Wild Barts Can't Be Broken" first aired on January 17, 1999

"Simpsons Bible Stories" (Lisa’s Dream), first aired on April 4, 1999

"Pygmoelian," first aired on February 27, 2000

"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge," first aired on May 14, 2000

"Worst Episode Ever," first aired on February 4, 2001.

Television Work Product

Larry Doyle worked on Matt Groening’s The Simpsons as a writer and producer for seasons nine through twelve, under the direction of Executive Producer Mike Scully. He contributed to 88 episodes, and is credited as a writer on:

Doyle wrote the following segments for this Mike Judge show: The Final Judgment Of Beavis, Safe Driving, Liar! Liar!, Choke, Bad Dog, Stewart Is Missing, A Very Special Episode, Nose Bleed (below), and Butt Flambé. He also wrote The Gamblers, which was killed by MTV’s Standards Department over p.c. concerns.

Doyle was a script consultant on Beavis and Butt-Head Do America and wrote the book Huh Huh for Hollywood, which can be bought for a penny.

This animated pilot, designed by Kyle Baker, was produced through Imagine Television for Fox in 2001.

In addition, Doyle wrote the pilot “Our Town” for NBC in 2003, “Our House” for HBO in 2005, and “Big Time” for Fox in 2007. He remains very  fond of them all.