Larry Doyle was born on planet earth.

Doyle has wandered through a checkered writing

career that has seen him reporting on the early

AIDS epidemic and the Challenger explosion,

doing comic strips and editing magazines, writing

for the best television show of all time, and

scripting extremely expensive movies that lose

gobs of money. He currently makes his living

writing screenplays and writes books and

magazines whenever he can afford it.

He has written two novels: I Love You, Beth Cooper, and Go, Mutants!, both of which are available for purchase. Deliriously Happy, a collection of short amusements, will be published in November 2011.

Doyle has a wife and children. They had a dog, but she’s dead now. The wife’s sister is married to Campbell McGrath, the famous poet who won a MacArthur Super Genius Grant, and once hit his brother-in-law in the face with an oar and then wrote a poem about it.

In 2008, Doyle also won an award, which while no fucking genius grant, was a pretty darn good one.

Further Reading

Slate Diary, March 18-22, 1997, chronicling his move to Los Angeles and my first weeks on The Simpsons.

The Weiner, his eldest son’s, Esquire, June 1999

The Talk, between Doyle and his dad, Esquire, May 1998.

Naughty, Awful Boys, Doyle and his little brother, Esquire, June 1998

How to Become a Writer, parts I and II, written for the Powell’s Book Blog in 2007, which contains no helpful advice.

For Your Listening Pleasure

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                                        and delusions of  Satanic majesty.

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                                      Doyle remembers the very worst Christmas for

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Ill-Advised Public Appearances

In which the author learned to not give an interview drunk:


Probably True Biographical Details